SPTools365 – Connect TYPO3 with SharePoint Online and On-Premise

About SPTools365

To fit the requirements of the latest SharePoint Systems, Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and the Cloud-based-solution Office 365, and to stay compatible with the upcoming SharePoint versions, the SPTools have been designed on a complete new foundation.

The connectivity between TYPO3 6 to 9x and a SharePoint 2013 to 2019 Intranet, a hosted SharePoint system or even to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business within Microsoft® Office 365 will give the SPTools a broad bandwidth of application possibilities.

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SPTools365 Features Overview

SPTools365 support NTLM- or SAML-Token-based authentications and is therefore able to connect to SharePoint 2013 Servers and Office 365 directly or via authentication providers.

List view
This template-based TYPO3 frontend-plugin displays SharePoint items or documents in a list view. You can use free filters, list limits, pagination and any item data plus thumbnail views and download links.
With the SPTools365 ViewHelpers Template-Designers are able to embed SharePoint lists or download tables in any extension- or page-template.

Single view
This frontend-plugin displays a single SharePoint item. You can design this view with individual TYPO3 Fluid-templates incl. any item data, any data from attached lookup-items and file attachments/downloads, preview and thumbnail images plus attached SPTools forms, that can send user-generated data for this item to SharePoint like applications to job offers, reservations to events or feedback to articles or products.

SPTools365 integrate SharePoint FAST Search into TYPO3 to search for data within a SharePoint list or library.

Form view
SPTools365 have an integrated form engine that enables TYPO3 administrators to create forms for SharePoint data transfer in a minute. You can create form definitions in the TYPO3 backend just by selecting the required SharePoint fields, SPTools will manage the rendering, validation and data transfer to SharePoint. The forms can work as standalone, like contact or support requests, or embedded in a single view of a SharePoint item as described above.

Importer tasks
One of the most powerful components of SPTools365 is the importer logic. TYPO3 administrators can define import jobs with easy-to-use TYPO3 backend forms. The SPTools365 backend system connects to SharePoint definitions, so that the administrator is able to select the SharePoint source list or library and the TYPO3 target extension or file storage. You can define field-mappings, transformation-functions incl. the import of attachments or lookup-files, file meta-data, taxonomy or even the mapping of SharePoint managed meta-categories and TYPO3 system-categories. The importer can filter SharePoint items, add static data to each imported item and listen to changes within the SharePoint source in order to import new or updated data and files only.
Examples for TYPO3 targets are news-systems, calendars, dictionaries, product catalogs, vacancies or the TYPO3 media and document storage to give TYPO3 editors access to approved files.
The importer jobs can be scheduled within the TYPO3 scheduler as seperate tasks or batch-jobs.

System requirements

TYPO3 Systems
TYPO3 Version 6-9

SharePoint Systems
SharePoint 2013-2019
Office 365 / SharePoint Online

Network and Authentication
HTTP(S) network connection with SharePoint
SAML-Token-based via Authentication-Provider (Office 365)

TYPO3 Extension dependencies
Extbase – TYPO3-API PHP-Framework
Fluid – Template-Engine

PHP dependencies

Version >= 7.2 <= 7.4 cURL

Screen demo

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